Simply Superior Sound

We design audio products that combine simple, minimalist design with superb quality and durability. Wholly committed to superior sound, we’ve spent years enmeshed in the music industry, admiring and collaborating with some of the best musical talent there is. As a result, we’re renowned for our ability to create exceptionally well-crafted earphones, headphones and speakers that meet the varied needs of today’s professional DJs and serious audiophiles. Simple to the eye yet deceptively complex, our products blend substance and style to create the ultimate user experience. 


We know sound

We shun conformity, preferring instead to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In the process, we take no shortcuts when it comes to the conceptualization, testing and marketing of our products. If it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for our customers – especially when our customers possess some of the most discerning ears around.  In order to remain on the crest of functional, high-quality design, we constantly push ourselves to design smarter and better, always fueling the creative flame.  Regardless of whether you’re a professional musician or a music aficionado, we promise to provide products that are beautifully crafted and technically outstanding.


Seeing our industry from the inside 

One of our keys to success lies in our willingness to immerse ourselves in the music industry as fans and collaborators.  We thrive on the invaluable insights gained from DJs, musicians and audiophiles worldwide, and never waste an opportunity to incorporate their great feedback into our products.  In doing so we strengthen our position as audio experts and rise above the conventional, surpassing the efforts of those who view our industry from the outside-in.  We’ve always seen ourselves as part of a community, subscribing to a system of “resource sharing” in which the end-user has a significant say in the products we create. 


Inspiration comes easy when you do what you love 

There’s never a time when someone in our studio says “I can’t think of anything”. This is because we love what we do. Simple as that. Product development isn’t a chore; it’s an exploration, a chance to discover a new way of doing something, a novel way of harnessing sound. Our products and philosophy are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ wants and expectations. As proof of this, one need look no further than the fact that what began as a company focused exclusively on earphones has now become a barrier-breaking entity focused on speakers and headphones – and a year from now, we might add something completely different to our product line.  Our advanced design and manufacturing know-how, combined with our ability to develop and utilize diverse materials, forms the foundation of a company that sets the standard for audio innovation, designing great products which our customers enjoy using again and again.


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