Nocs x Sound Hub

Nocs x Sound Hub

by Nocs Design

We are stoked to announce a new collaboration with Sound Hub with the main focus of taking the NS1 & NS3, a new line of wireless speakers to market in 2021. 

It's a unique opportunity for us to get to market faster. The range of competences Soundhub delivers correlates well with our need to succeed in developing extraordinary speakers. We are living in a time where it makes more sense to use the local resources. Simply a perfect fit for us.

The last couple of months we have been prototyping & we are finally in a stage where we need to make more tests such as EMC/ESD as well as more fine tuning on the acoustics. Looking forward to the many hours in the lab.

Daniel Alm,

CEO Nocs

More info here

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  • Excited to purchase. Any specs or photos? Ns3 vs ns5? Mahalo!

    Jason Bray -

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