NS1100 AIR
NS1100 AIR
NS1100 AIR
NS1100 AIR

NS1100 AIR

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The NS1100 AIR was created to satisfy our own wants and needs. We wanted to create wireless earphones with a suite of features that filled a gap in todays market. The NS1100 AIR as it stands today took one year + to develop. 

“We have spent countless hours on tuning & engineering the sound to be something extraordinary”.

“I have been in the industry since 2009 and this is the best we have done so far. Finally we are at a place where we can go fully wireless in a compact format – delivering top performing sound and performance across the board. ”

“The majority of people have no idea how they actually hear different frequencies. With that said we are excited that we teamed up with Audiodo to deliver a personalised sound.”

Daniel Alm, Founder Nocs Design.


We’re taking ours everywhere. With the NS1100 AIR, it’s never been easier to focus on the music, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

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we know sound

Delivering high end sound products since 2009. We’re renowned for our ability to create exceptionally well-crafted earphones, headphones and speakers that meet the varied needs of today’s professional DJs and serious audiophiles.

Determining how you hear

To provide a listener with a truly personal sound experience, an accurate and complete understanding of how they hear is essential. This is where the app enabled with Audiodo Personal Sound comes in. In order to function properly you need to download the app and complete a hearing calibration.

With efficiency & accuracy

The Audiodo hearing calibration is a cutting-edge audiometry that has been carefully designed to produce an incredibly precise and thorough model of a user’s sense of hearing in an unbelievably short amount of time. Each ear is assessed separately and the entire calibration takes under 3 minutes.

Optimized with the brain in mind

When most people think of their hearing, they think of their ears. But to really produce a listening experience with the best possible sound, the brain must also be included. That’s why every hearing model, compensation calculation, and algorithm that has been developed by our engineers has been developed with knowledge about how the brain affects our auditory system.