Wired on NS600

Wired on the NS600 Crush

We are happy to see that the folks at Wired like our NS600 Crush.
Photo by Alex Washburn/Wired
"The sound from the dual-driver assemblies is excellent, especially for electronic music. The dedicated bass driver provides plenty of weight and clarity in the low end, but the 600s don’t suffer from lack of balance. Highs are also sharp and well-defined. They aren’t too grating or fatiguing, but they do have quite a bit of sparkle and shimmer. The Nocs definitely do best with material with a lot of bass and intricate high-end detail like electro-rock and techno (ah, Sweden). I listened to gobs of Squarepusher and a variety of Stones Throw hip-hop tracks on my iPhone. It all sounded so clean and punchy, I kept nudging the volume up and up. The Nocs were eager to play along, and they refused to distort".

You can find the full review at the Wired homepage and more info and reviews on the NS600 Crush on the NS600 Crush product page at our website.

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