Airplay Direct NS2

AirPlay Direct now for the NS2

We are happy to announce that  we now offer the new feature of AirPlay Direct mode on the NS2 Air Monitors. And we have made it available through our latest firmware update which you can find and download at in the Support section of our website.

What is AirPlay Direct, and what is it good for?

The new feature of AirPlay Direct will make streaming music, wirelessly, even better. 
If you happen to go to your cabin during the holidays and there is no internet or WiFi, don't worry, bring your NS2 along!
The new Airplay Direct mode will allow you to play all your tunes without having to have internet available. It works by the NS2 creating their own WiFi network, that you can connect to just like you normally connect to a WiFi. 
So now you can use your speakers everywhere as long as you have power and a Mac, PC or iOS device that can stream music using AirPlay. 
We at Nocs wishes you happy holidays and make sure you enjoy your now even better NS2!

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