Esquire Want List | Nocs Speakers

Esquire June 15th 2012

"Your speakers should look as good as they sound. 


Unless you work from home or in the music industry, the regularity with which you use your home “music centre” is low.

Chances are it spends its time sitting silently in your living room, so the least you could do is get a set of speakers that work as well as stylish furniture as they do as hi-fi.

Enter the new NS2 Air Monitors from Swedish brand Nocs. Available in a range of colours (including fiery red, yellow and orange), the AirPlay-enabled speakers allow you to stream music wirelessly from your Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad.

These hand-built, rubber-coated cabinets, which conceal Kevlar-reinforced woofers and silk-dome tweeters, are crafted to emit powerful sound and offer hefty durability. They sound good, too. NS2 Air Monitors (£320, Nocs)

Photograph by Martha Pavlidou"



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