NS900 Reviews

DJ Workx

"The NS900 is the first pair of cans that doesn’t claim to be “the next HD25″ like some have in the past, but definitely has the potential" 

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"DJ headphones don't get any more refined than this. Supreme all-night comfort, spacious sound generated from two 40mm titanium-coated drivers, and enough oomph for live use combine with luxury build-quality." 

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Magnetic Mag

"We love the design, durability and range of these headphones. The NS900 is one of the best DJ Headphones in the premium price range we have ever tested and if you are looking for a new pair we highly recommend them." 

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"As well as great sound, the NS900's are also assembled with a range of durable replaceable parts as well as, exchangeable earcushions, a resizing slider function and a PVD-coated stainless steel headband so they’ll last on the road" 

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"We tested these headphones within a live DJing environment as well as while riding on the train and walking through the crowded, noisy streets of downtown San Francisco and Manhattan. We were duly impressed with how the NS900 Live handled this broad range of night and day situations." 

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Digital DJ Tips

"Understated, sleek, modular and great sounding, the Nocs NS900 Live are perfect for the DJ happy with an on-ear design who wants to make a minimalist statement with his or her headphones." 

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Digital Trends

"The NS900 Live are bound to delight both aspiring and professional DJs across the globe." 

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"The NS900 DJ headphones are very comfortable for those extended listening sessions and they come bundled with three different cables to appease all user types." 

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"With the NS900, Nocs delivers a multi-functional headphone that meets the high requirements of professional DJs." 

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